Formulation Objectives:
·      Exact dosing 
·      Optimal Absorption 
·      Safe & Healthy Ingredients
·      Fun & Great Tasting

The rage in CBD is a bit misdirected. What’s truly amazing is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the system your and everyone’s body was made with that affects and regulates all functions of the body from emotions, to relaxation, to pain, that the CBD acts on. Without our ECS we simply wouldn’t be able to have any balance in any of our body’s processes and we’d never return to “normal” after a sudden shock or trauma.

GUMEEZ is formulated to provide you a high dose of purified CBD to act on the ECS. Bringing a clean flavor with all-natural ingredients was critical for the development of GUMEEZ.  Understanding that GUMEEZ would be used for various ages and it was not only a convenient, but also a fun, exciting way to deliver a precise amount of CBD, we wanted to make sure it was great tasting, perfect mouthfeel and chew, without any prohibited ingredients, consistent in dosage and form, and easy to create multiple dosage if the consumer chose.

To ensure exact dosing, GUMEEZ are not dusted or sprayed, the CBD is infused into the natural pectins and all-natural matrix of the gummy. Using all-natural ingredients, from the colors and flavors to the sweetner, while using no gluten, no animal products, and nothing with GMO, GUMEEZ is a perfect fit for various ages and those who are vegan.

Each gummy contains an effective dose of 25mg of CBD.  Based on the desired effect and how an individual responds to CBD, each gummy can be easily sliced and its amount of CBD perfectly portioned.

Fueling the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the primary system in our body responsible for all regulation of our body’s responses, with powerful nutrients such as CBD, and then adding natural ingredients to create a safe and healthy gummy while using technologies such as complete infusion and nano provide for a powerful way to enjoy your CBD and ignite your ECS.