900mg CBD
1 fl oz (30mL)
helps support a healthy immune system + a healthy inflammatory response 
A daily dropper for your wellness power. This ritual cbd tincture delivers a blend of super nutrients to neutralize your stresses, pump up your immune system, and keep you from being worn out by the daily grind. Supercharged with antioxidants, turmeric, ashwagandha, and reishi mushroom. Pull a total transformer move and morph into your best self. Protect and serve. Stand and defend. Manage your stress. Protect your systems. Stay on your toes.
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Along with a Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, containing phytocannabinoid rich, CBD, we use a blend of an antioxidant rich and healthy inflammatory spice oil and nature’s most potent stress managers and herbal adaptogens.  This unique combination provides the body the consistent support it needs to deal with the onslaught of daily stresses and ensures its systems are not overwhelmed.

What is it?
A “mojito” (mint lime) flavored tincture that you place under your tongue supporting your immune system, enriching your antioxidant concentrations, and allowing your mind & body to deal with the stresses of life. 
SHIELD is made with legally certified hemp containing less that 0.3% THC 
What should I expect?
How do I use it?
For best and immediate absorption, place one full dropper under the tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds. Wait to drink anything until 5 minutes after application. 

Certified Hemp Extract – phytocannabinoid, CBD, terpene, flavonoid rich oil

Reishi Mushroom – “the mushroom of immortality” 

Ashwagandha – Ayurvedic medicinal herb for stress  

Turmeric – potent antioxidant and healthy inflammation response

  • all natural organically grown non-gmo
  • grown & crafted in the usa
  • purity guaranteed, non-psychoactive broad-spectrum hemp
  • 3rd party lab tested to ensure quality & safety
  • gmp compliant manufacturing practices
  • allergen free


SHIELD certificate ]

Formulation Objectives:
·      Concentrated/Rich In Nutrients 
·      Strengthens The Inflammatory Response 
·      Triggers The Immune Response 


There will be no avoiding stress.  Whether it’s the external stresses of the toxins, pollutants, pathogens, radiation, and whatever other foreign elements are floating around us that you expose yourself to or the internal stresses your body creates by simply functioning and metabolizing, your body is constantly under attack.  These attacks can create vulnerabilities which then can progress to sever health issues. As avoidance is not the answer, a stronger defense to lessen the severity of these attacks and ensuring an immediate and powerful rebuild and recovery process is.

SHIELD is formulated to provide a rich set of immune supporting nutrients that are concentrated, fast acting, and potent. Completely addressing the immune system, SHIELD supports not only the triggering of the immune system to allow for immediate recognition of stresses, but also the strengthening of the response to these insults so they can be fully resolved and dealt with.

Along with a Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, containing phytocannabinoid rich, CBD, we use a blend of an antioxidant rich and healthy inflammatory spice oil and nature’s most potent stress managers, medicinal mushrooms and herbal adaptogens.  This unique combination provides the body the consistent support it needs to deal with the onslaught of daily stresses and ensures its systems are not overwhelmed.

Supporting a healthy inflammatory response while being a natural antioxidant, Turmeric Oil provides the formula the neutralizing power to deal with radicals caused by stress and may cause the immune system to work more efficiently. Reishi Mushroom, an adaptogenic medicinal mushroom, has been used for 1,000’s of years to support the health of immune cells which may allow for a stronger response of the immune system when encountering stress. Using Ashwagandha, one of the most powerful adaptogenic herbs in Eastern medicine, we have an immune system modulator that appropriately triggers the immune system to deal with various levels of stresses and insults.

What provides the foundation for all our various ingredients and nutrients in SHELD is our Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, containing a rich blend of phytocannabinoids, the most concentrated CBD, but also CBC, CBG, CBN, and the hundreds of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and bioflavonoids. 


Fueling the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the primary system in our body responsible for all regulation of our body’s responses, with this rich hemp oil and powerful nutrients such as CBD, then synergizing its amazing profile with the natural matrixes of an antioxidant rich essential oil and concentrated apoptogenic medicinal mushroom and herb create a truly amazing formula that allows us to be as nature.



Will this replace my multi-vitamin?

Yes. Many times vitamin and mineral supplements are designed to provide antioxidant benefits as well as support a healthy immune system, which SHIELD also does using natural herbs, spices, and other phytomedicinals. Rather than using specific vitamins and minerals, SHIELD uses the natural nutrients that are found in Ashwagandha, Turmeric, and Reishi Mushroom, along with the phytocannabinoid rich CBD Hemp Oil to help stimulate the immune system and use the body’s own innate systems to promote health and detoxification.

Can I take SHIELD multiple times during the day?

Yes. You can safely take SHIELD throughout the day and also take up to 3 doses at a time without any known discomfort. Many individuals will choose to take a “loading” dose for the first 7-10 days, in which they take up to 5 doses per day to reignite and trigger the body’s Endocannabinoid System.

How many servings in a bottle?

30 full servings. Each serving will contain approximately 30mg of CBD. Serving size is one full dropper.

Can I mix SHIELD into other foods or drinks?

Yes. You can put SHIELD into any drink or food and it will retain all it’s nutritional and nutrient value. It is best if the food or drink is not at a temperature of over 100 degrees and is not cooked for an extended period of time. Heat, light, and air will slowly degrade any type of oil therefore it’s best to consume quickly.

Is it best to take on an empty stomach?

Yes, but not required. Those individuals that are new to nutrition and nutrient supplements may initially feel sensitive to taking products on an empty stomach, therefore it may be advised they eat something before or during. The initial rush of nutrients into the bloodstream could cause slight uneasiness and therefore a buffer such as food will help to relieve those symptoms.

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Dropper from product bottle full of SHIELD
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