250mg CBD
1 fl oz (30mL)
helps support restful sleep  + calmness + promotes relaxation
Get your body rested, relaxed, and chilling out. This spray does double-duty promoting you into a rested, blissful state and keeping you there so you can get the recovery you need. Whether it’s time for some ZZZs or if you just need to chill out because the world is going bat crazy, unwind and wake up feeling fly.
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Along with a Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, containing phytocannabinoid rich, CBD, we use a blend of various essential oils, plant extracts, minerals, and brain health nutrients to powerfully effect imbalances that cause the body’s natural relaxation systems to be disturbed.  

What is it?
A cinnamony honey tasting chilling and relaxing mist you spray under your tongue. Perfect for when you need to just chill out and calm down during the day or get yourself prepared for a deeply restful state of bliss. 

NODZZZ is made with legally certified hemp containing less than 0.3% THC
What should I expect?
How do I use it?
For best and immediate absorption, spray under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds. At night, spray 3 to 6x, 10-15 minutes before bed. During the day, spray up to 6x, 10 minutes before or directly after a stressful event or situation. 

Certified Hemp Extract – phytocannabinoid, CBD, terpene, flavonoid rich oil

Valerian Root – Asian ancient herb used to promote tranquility 

GABA – natural brain relaxing amino acid 

Magnesium – “the miracle mineral” sooths nerves 

Melatonin – known as the “hormone of sleep” 

Cinnamon – supports healthy blood sugar levels 

Cinnamon Bark – prized Egyptian healthy inflammation ingredient 

Bergamot – antioxidant and polyphenol rich 

Basil – used in Eastern Medicinal tonics for the body

Honey – antioxidant rich and sweet tasting 

Vanilla – studied as the most relaxing spice 

  • all natural organically grown non-gmo
  • grown & crafted in the usa
  • purity guaranteed, non-psychoactive broad-spectrum hemp
  • 3rd party lab tested to ensure quality & safety
  • gmp compliant manufacturing practices
  • allergen free
Suite of all PRoZE products, NODZZZ is behind SHIELD and then NERVE AND GUMEEZ are behind it - all boxes laying on their sides
Drops of NODZZZ on a rainbow background
Woman with red lipstick with her eyes closed, relaxed with a bright yellow background
NODZZ product in front of box with SHIELD next to it

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